Thursday, March 22, 2007

Perl 6 microgrants

Wer hat Lust an Perl6 zu arbeiten? Jetzt gibt es die Chance, damit auch noch etwas Geld zu verdienen. Best Practical (das Unternehmen von Jesse Vincent) hat 5000 US$ für Weiterentwicklungen an Perl6 gespendet. Das Geld wird in 10 "Microgrants" á 500 US$ aufgeteilt.

Mehr Information gibt es weiter unten...


Who wants to earn money for Perl6 development? Best Practical (Jesse Vincent's company) has donated US$ 5000 for Perl6 development. This donation is splitted into 10 microgrants (US$ 500 each).

Parts of an email Jesse sent:

Accepted grants might be for coding, documentation, testing
or even writing articles about Perl 6. The program isn't tied to any
one implementation of Perl 6 -- We're interested in seeing proposals
related to Pugs, Perl 6 on Parrot, Perl 6 on Perl 5 or any other Perl
6 implementation. Generally, we're interested in seeing projects
that can be completed in 4-6 calendar weeks.

Submitting a grant proposal

To submit a grant proposal, please email us at with the following information:

* A two to three paragraph summary of the work you intend to do
* A quick bio - Who are you? Is there opensource work you've done
that we should have a look at?
* A brief description of what "success" will mean for your project -
How will we know you're done?
* Where (if anywhere) you've discussed your project in the past
* Where you'll be blogging about your progress. (Twice-weekly blog

posts are a requirement for getting your grant money)

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